159 - When walking alone...

"L" asks about women's safety while walking in lonely places

“When walking along the canal route – what can you do if faced by someone that triggers concern?”

Thanks for the question “L”,

I'll offer some generic advice on when and how you can act to avoid this situation. The rest of the article is just a hypothetical scenario for information only.

There are no times of day that are completely safe – last Monday, two young women were chased by a guy in a van last week in broad daylight on a main road in town and through to a school.

Think aggressively about your personal safety – this applies to everyone not just women.

Can I take an alternate route or walk with someone? If no, then plan a course of action for what to do if there's a problem.

Practice it using visualisation and workshop training.

From town, the canal path is in lengths of several hundred metres before each lane crossing. That means it’s a long way to double back if you feel afraid for some reason.

Turning around will only work if you see someone acting strange in time. The closer you get to them the fewer options you will have if there’s some sort of problem.

“L”, all of the following text is for information purposes only and is not to be thought of as legal behaviour or advice.

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