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News and events from Hock, FN training groups and friends worldwide.

FN - UK news:

Pic: Some of the new recruits at our weekly self defence workshop in Stroud.

We’ve got a great group featuring a mix of experienced and brand new people who continue to go from strength to strength.

This month’s themes are Stop 1 solutions to first contact problems, understanding key safety ideas, Stop 5 methods of escaping holds and a ton of other stuff!

Our specialist Knife Defence workshops are continuing to deep dive and explore ways of surviving and countering knife assault situations.

We’re seeing real development of ability every week and I believe this work is both unique and effective in giving trainees a much deeper understanding of possible solutions.

Hock news:

This weekend, Hock’s training with David Kerwood’s Force Necessary: US group in Meridian, Mississippi.

See Hock’s Facebook page for more details.

Force Necessary Italy: Giorgio Malacarne

Based in Pisa, Tuscany - Giorgio Malacarne is head instructor at “New Generation”. Specialising in Wing Chun and Kali, he has added Force Necessary self defence classes to his business, including a Grade 9 in Pacific Archipelago Concepts or “PAC” as well as qualifications in knife.

FN continues to gain popularity in Italy with many martial arts and Krav Maga schools adding it to their curriculums there.

Giorgio’s been a good friend and supporter to us here at FN-UK, he has a very popular Facebook page HERE - check it out!

New articles in The One In One Journal:

Free articles and comments this week:

152 - Mail box: Violence, knife crime and emojis

Why do people film violence (including murder)? Questions, ruminations and motivations...

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154 - Aide-mémoire: Nov '21 week two

All the notes and content from the week’s knife defence and self defence workshops!

153 - Shock! A simple counter method

A simple breathing method for countering shock as well as anxiety…

From the archive:

120 - Tutorial -The six ways that fingers break and other delights...

"You won't be teaching piano again for a while..."

A complete set of notes from the Stop 2 “favourite” along with other related ideas!

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