I second that! All I seem to think about recently is ‘relax’ ‘breath’ in through the nose out through the mouth and stay aware of my surroundings… it has become part of my daily conditioning and it seems to be starting to help!

I am sat here with Book II and finding it incredibly helpful thank you for going to the effort for the sake of those you train! I for one feel privileged to have such top rate training!

Looking forward to tonight!

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I am beginning to really appreciate the value of this. It’s easy to understand that excess tension is unhelpful in a self-defence situation, but that sort of alert relaxation (or relaxed alertness?) is perhaps a bit counterintuitive, and not easy to access without practise. I experienced it with my training partner yesterday, though: when he really relaxed and his face went deadpan he was way faster, the blows were heavier, and it was altogether more intimidating. The calm was kind of chilling and I got the impression peripheral vision was working. The intense psycho focus is momentarily alarming, but it’s really easy to see where the attention is aimed and the tunnel vision means less awareness of counters, other threats, concealed knife hands and so on?

Quick question: since I’ve converted (almost completely) to nasal breathing, I find myself exhaling through the nose as well. I use mouth taping at night and it’s becoming ingrained as a habit. I see it is possible to breath out through closed teeth as well, but I am also really focusing on keeping my mouth shut in training, and it’s a bit easier if I breathe out through the nose. Is this wrong?

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