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Love this! I think quite a lot about footwear and because of a lifetime spent with horses, I would always tend towards more protection. What horse feet do to human toes is not pretty. In response to footnote 1, I think a number of people might consider footwear in terms of the ability to escape, even if fighting isn’t on their minds. For instance, high heels are not great for running at speed, and many women’s shoes seem to be designed with the sole intention of reducing friction, but it’s an interesting point about too much traction, I hadn’t really considered that.

Really interesting point about how vulnerable/weird dealing with stuff barefoot would be as well. I guess those that train that way would have the advantage in that context. I certainly found it odd in kickboxing, having bare feet but gloved hands.

Ha ha ha, I guess Footnote 2) could be true. The principle of training in what you would normally wear, at different times of the night and day, seems sound, though. Of course, plenty of people do live in sports wear. One book I read advocated training in various levels of undress to address that issue of night-time attacks. The fact that it’s so unappealing to do probably means doing it would be a good idea. Perhaps not in class, more of a solo practise thing…..

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