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This is so interesting to watch. And more closely fits my expectation and experience of how these things play out.

She had good presence of mind to pick up the phone when he approaches, even if, as you say, the option of using it to make a call is a bit optimistic. The shop keeper who disarmed the knife attacker in a previous post also had that thought. There is an option with the iPhone to easily call emergency services and some designated contacts without dialling but it still requires touching the screen once. I suppose it could have some deterrent value if you managed it, or it could speed up the assault.

It is true that what she was doing wouldn’t have worked against him had he been violently striking her, but then again, he wasn’t, so she was actually dealing with the “what” that was in front of her.

Wearing skin tight workout clothes has some advantages too in this situation!

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Reader comment by email:

"Hi Jeth,

Another key enabler this attacker had was information. He knew she was there, vulnerable and alone. Having windows to the street was a big security mistake.

It's like when someone is mugged. It raises the risk if a mugger suspects you could have something worth taking. Or with car break-ins when a laptop is stolen from a locked car. It's a good idea to plan ahead to avoid putting things in the boot after parking as someone might see you do that. Thieves don't generally break into locked cars without some idea that it might be worth the risk.

But she did a pretty decent job of defence without any major skills, just confidence. Well done her, she clearly didn't freeze up.

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