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362 - Video: Woman successfully fights off attacker

11 points to consider

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Thank you to the reader that sent this in as it mirrors several topics that I will be covering in upcoming women’s workshops.

I will leave some thoughts below, which I must stress are just that, as I have already started seeing this posted on line with “(commercial sport martial art name here) is what she needs”.


Firstly this woman has successfully defended herself using tactics that didn’t conform to the suggestions offered by brainwashed keyboard warriors out there using aggression and correct mindset.

These tiresome comments really don’t help, they actually detract from all the things she did right as well as other positive points from this situation that others could learn from.

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11 points to consider:


By being helpful and kind letting this guy in without a key fob meant that the entire security of the gym was circumvented by a non - customer.

This doesn’t change that it looks like a lonely venue during certain times and another customer could have also been aggressive but this first point opened up the security to the whole street.


He sits and watches the venue on entering to make sure she is alone first before moving to her section and initiating the assault against her. He does not attack her immediately at the door, so there is a degree of opportunism here, though it’s possible that she’s been watched by him from the front window.

Watch the hands

She did a great job of disrupting his reaches and attempts to grab her by controlling his hands.


She also did a great job of keeping him in front of her while backing away rather than turning her back which allowed her to fight back more effectively.

Escape as a priority

I understand the thought to summon help using a mobile phone, but that moment was time that could have been used to move towards the exit and the possibility of other people passing outside. The phone could then have been used as she did.

Don’t “fight”, ATTACK!

Note that what was working here so well was not attempting to grapple the assailant directly in a perceived even fight but to continuously strike him around the face and head using the phone as a blunt weapon.

She states that she believes she is strong, this isn’t the case for all women or indeed men, but the use of a blunt object to vulnerable areas is a force multiplier.


She said she was aware that he was tiring and that made her keep going.

Keep your strength and conditioning up, it is one of the key components of being able to defend yourself and also your continued existence, so get to it!

Make yourself stronger.

Make yourself fitter.

It doesn’t need to be some elite nonsense but you can see here that this fight went on longer than the 10 seconds that some experts claim with their “instant fight enders” and other crap.

Be ready to fight for a protracted period of time.

Never give in.

Striking, knives and other weapons

The tactics worked as well because he was not armed and had not begun to strike her - if these variables were present, this fight would be different and that must be considered.

Fighting from the floor

When she is thrown to the floor she immediately started kicking to create distance and regain her feet to try and escape.


His hair was a vulnerability to use as a handle and fix him for relentless striking with the metal phone: eyes, throat, face and temples.

Self belief

But the best of all was the self belief - being brought up to never give in, mentioning her parents, something to fight for.

This is a great example.

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