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This is so funny, I nearly choked on my tea at “pungent pugilist”. It’s a very interesting point about peoples’ narratives about how the world works, and whether they distort the information they are receiving to fit their narrative, or change their narrative to fit the reality in front of them. We have to have some kind of working model about the world we live in, but what do we do when our model doesn’t seem to work anymore?

I recognise this type of person in quite a number of people I have met, and also the “let me rescue you so I don’t have to think about my own life” type.

Control freaks really struggle with not being in control, and although this woman amusingly failed in her direct and confrontational approach, unfortunately people like her often have other ways of implementing their agenda that can make life really miserable for all around them.

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Reminds me of a New York Lawyer we once had on a course, who found that horses didn’t much enjoy her company. “But I can reduce men to tears with a single sentence!” Not a skill that endears you to horses, or just about anything/anyone else for that matter.

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